It is a proven fact that most successful sales only come about seven contacts with the prospect, on average. Many sales organizations just don’t have the staff or internal processes to manage that many pre-sales relationships, so leads just end up turning cold and going to a competitor who can manage that kind of pre-sale contact.

If you have never added an autoresponder to your lead capture forms, let us help you experience the power of automated lead nurturing. Autoresponders, or drip campaigns, are increasingly popular because they work.

With an autoresponder nurture campaign, emails can be designed to go out on your behalf at any interval you like, with any message you like. Some organizations use a newsletter approach, offering useful information along with a call to action in each email. Others find a more aggressive pre-sales campaign works best for their business.

Whatever your business model, we can handle your nurture campaign from beginning to end, including autoresponder setup, email design, timing, strategy, and even premium sales copywriting for you. Or we can work with your in-house marketing team to incorporate their sales creative into your nurture campaign.

Either way, we’ll get you started with an autoresponder email campaign (also called a drip campaign) that shows measurable results and adds dollars to your bottom line.