Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEOReal Estate SEO is notoriously difficult for inexperienced SEO companies because real estate itself is so hyperlocal. It's also one of the most competitive markets in SEO. Think about it. Your region likely has thousands of real estate agents—some part time, some full time—trying to compete in Google search results for buyers and sellers. So how do you compete with that? How do you compete with the Big Three national real estate sites, with their seemingly unlimited budgets attempting to crush local agents? That's where we come in. We create a highly strategic SEO plan customized to compete aggressively in your local market.

What is an appropriate SEO budget?

An effective real estate SEO campaign doesn't have to break the bank each month. Yes, for the most competitive keywords, you may have to ramp up your budget to get some movement in the SERPs. But we take a deep dive into your local keyword traffic and your competition, then look for missed opportunities that others haven't noticed. You'd be surprised how often we find keywords combinations that are highly effective at generating traffic, yet have low enough competition that we can rank in a reasonable amount of time and with a reasonable budget.

It's all about ROI, and we understand that.

The foundation of a successful real estate SEO campaign, then, involves a good understanding of the local real estate market and the keywords that will drive buyers and sellers to the websites with real estate listings. Yours. This means knowledge of real estate keywords is critical to the success of the campaign. We have had many clients give us a list of keywords they thought they wanted to rank for, until we told them there was no keyword traffic to be had from those keywords. Our research methodology is good at uncovering the best opportunities to do effective search engine optimization without breaking the bank.

Our real estate SEO strategies are built on intense keyword research

Our real estate keyword research for your campaign will be thorough. We understand real estate lead generation and what it takes to do search engine optimization for real estate websites. This type of SEO for agents and brokers is highly competitive, but we are good at it and will design a campaign for you that will deliver results.

As with all our SEO services, you'll be able to monitor the metrics of your campaign from your online control panel each month. Your white hat SEO campaign will include anywhere from four to 22 or more keywords, depending on the plan you choose.

You may have dozens of keywords you want to rank for, but the targeted keyword list is about allocation of resources. We'll help you prioritize your wish-list of keywords based on knowledgeable keyword research, and we'll build the SEO campaign for the ones that will have the highest ROI and highest chance of success given the competitive landscape. You will then be able to track up to 250 keywords total for your campaign, and you will generally see ranking improvement for most of them, even if they are not on your targeted keyword list.