Review Optimization

Review OptimizationReview optimization in today's social media saturated business world is critical to your success in reaching new clients and closing deals. One of the first thing your new potential customers will do is search for reviews on you, and you want to be prepared. Review Optimization is simply the practice of organizing and optimizing your review collection and dissemination process. You've heard of a "sales funnel" where leads come into your funnel and you nurture them through their "buyer's journey" to achieve a happy sale. Well, why not apply the same discipline to obtaining reviews and create a "review funnel?"

That's exactly what we can do for you. We will:

  1. Create a landing page on your site for new reviews to make it super simple for your clients to follow through.
  2. Collect social media profiles from various review sites into one place for monitoring.
  3. Organize review collection process so you have a clear "funnel" you are inviting your clients into.
  4. Automatically scour the Internet every night for new reviews on third party sites and create automated reports.
  5. Collect reviews into one place so you can respond in an organized and productive way.
  6. Provide tools to amplify exposure of positive reviews on your online, email, and hard copy sales materials.
  7. Provide an autoresponder review invite tool. Upload a spreadsheet of your past clients and invite them to leave you a review.
  8. Salvage difficult relationships and your online reputation and get out in front of a potentially bad situation. Create good will with these clients and keep negative reviews from ever happening.

Service is for one year, and we will do all the initial setup of the software. You will get access to an online dashboard with automated reports, and free coaching calls to take full advantage of marketing features.