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Kevin is not only a great SEO and website guy but he genuinely cares about the people he works with.
I will be always gratefull for the amazing job he did for us. Unmatched in Quality, Value and Price!
I appreciated his knowledge! Thanks again Kevin!!
Kevin Harper is one of the very few who actually achieve what you ask. He started me on SEO and my new business is now all web originated.
I highly recommend Kevin’s services. There are a lot of sharks out there in the SEO business, but I’ve found Kevin to be someone I can trust.
The Gardner Team would like to say "Thank You" again for being a trusted expert and for taking such great care of your clients!
Kevin...The new website is Amazing! Thank You for the effort.
Kevin Harper has been a valuable resource for real estate marketing. ... Not only is he competent, but he also has a lot of integrity.
Kevin is the most knowledgeable SEO consultant we have worked with. I know of only a few that truly understand the SEO process and can deliver results.
Kevin is very professional, understands the real estate market and Realtors, and is great to work with. The results were most definitely worth the investment.
I am going to give your info to a close friend of mine who wants a site done. I got 2 clients today ... with the site #1 on Google News.
Thank you so much, You are great! I have attend a CE class this week, and showed my web site to the classroom, it is very impressive. Good job!
Hi Kevin, just want to send a quick note to express my satisfaction with the press release that was done for my specific area. The press release ... has given my site a terrific boost.
Kevin, you are truly a genius at what you do. ... When I spoke to Kevin I knew instantly that he knew his stuff. In just 3 days of my site being live, it was already on the first page of Google.
One of the agents in my office said to me the other day she wanted to talk to me about my website. Why? I asked her. She said, Because you are all over the search engines!
I would not give this site back for 5x the amount it cost me to get going! I can credit multiple sales last year alone. Thanks for helping me to get to the top!
Hi Kevin - just wanted to say I really like your newsletter and all the tips. Probably among the most usable info I have gotten from someone.
I have had numerous websites/canned sites etc. Dollar for dollar you will not find a better value/customer service etc.
Kevin, you must not charge near enough for your services...[your competitor] charges a fortune for SEO work!
Kevin has been an absolute God-send to me! He has truly taken my web site to the top level in my market ... He's a genius!
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