Landing Pages

Whether you’re talking about organic SEO or PPC ads, you have to have landing pages that convert traffic into customers and clients. One of the worst mistakes companies can make is to invest in SEO or PPC advertising with all the clicks going to the home page. Instead, you have to have targeted landing pages to have the best organic optimization, quality scores (for PPC), and conversion rates.

In fact, studies have shown that creating quality landing pages can increase lead conversion by 300% or more from the existing traffic you’re already getting to your site. When you combine that with the additional traffic we’ll send you with our SEO or PPC marketing services, you could see a substantial increase in your sales by investing in better-designed landing pages.

From an organic SEO standpoint, a well-designed landing page will perform better on the search engines than a poorly designed one with the same amount of off-site SEO work performed on both. That means it really makes sense to have