Lead Nurture

It’s a proven fact of marketing that most customers don’t buy until they’ve had at least seven points of contact with the seller. Lead generation is important, but it’s only a part of the picture. What happens after you get that lead is critical, because it may be weeks or months before they actually buy from you or engage you to use your services.

What happens from the time you have a prospect to the time the prospect buys is called Lead Nurture in marketing terms. It’s critical to engage those prospects and then build trust over time. One of the best ways to do that is through an email newsletter or autoresponder. Some businesses have owners or marketing staff who can write those newsletters, but up until now, many were without options if they did not want to write a newsletter themselves.

ResultsInternet.com offers a newsletter design and copy writing solution to those businesses. We can launch a newsletter of consumer “tips,” or any kind of content you want, designed to engage your specific customer profile. Our marketing campaigns–whether organic SEO, local SEO, or PPC–can be geared in part toward getting your prospects to subscribe to that newsletter, so your relationship with them can be nurtured over time. If we build a pre-written autoresponder email newsletter for you, those seven points of contact will happen automatically. You won’t have to even think about it.

You get more fruit when you water the fruit tree. That’s the power of a lead nurture campaign.