Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your Search Engine Marketing arsenal, because it delivers a lightning fast response. PPC allows ad budgets to be controlled at a very granular level, with incredible control over messaging, audience, keyword relevance, landing pages, etc.

And the best part is how measurable PPC marketing is. You’ll be able to quantify every aspect of your PPC campaign with us. One of the biggest drains on a PPC budget is never actively managing it. Keyword traffic is constantly changing with market conditions and competition from other advertisers, and if your campaign isn’t adjusted, tested, and improved every single month, you’re not going to get the ROI you deserve. You’ll be flushing a large percentage of your clicks down the drain with a set it and forget it approach.

We want the opportunity to prove to you that we can get you results, and we’re not afraid to have you follow the campaign metrics each month through your White Glove Client Reporting Center as we demonstrate that our work adds value to your bottom line each month.