Public Relations

charlotte-observer-article Learn MorePublic relations is the art and science of developing a relationship with the public you want to reach, typically through the mass media. As digital media supplants traditional print and broadcast media, search engines and social media have become an increasingly important part of a company’s public relations narrative.

To properly leverage online public relations techniques, business owners and principals need to understand how traditional news originates, and convert that knowledge into the modern online world of search engines, online news outlets, and social networks.

Traditional news largely originates from one or more of the key players in a news story pitching the news story to a journalist, or writing a press release to disseminate that news to the media. That means most of the news we consume on a daily basis isn’t really news until someone cares about it becoming news. When the desire for the story to become news crosses with an interested journalist, editor, or news-consuming public (in the case where the principals to the story go directly to the public), then the story can hit the news cycles of various news organizations, TV hosts, and radio talk show hosts.

Getting stories into mass media is not easy, and is rarely as simple as writing a press release and submitting it online. That can happen–and if it’s going to happen, it’s going to be by someone experienced at public relations–but more often than not, when a story makes it into the mass public consciousness, it is the result of hard work preparing press releases, researching journalists or editors who might be interested in such a story, and developing a network of expert sources who can be of assistance to the journalist in researching and writing the story.

In that way, we’ve been successful in pitching stories to:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Los Angeles Business Journal
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Orange County Business Journal
  • Orange County Register
  • Architectural Record Magazine
  • Building Design & Construction
  • Daily Variety
  • International Variety
  • Hollywood Reporter
  • And more…

We are not a traditional public relations agency, but we do public relations consulting for businesses and can get you results with your public relations efforts. We are experts at search engine public relations, and are very successful at strategizing ways to reach your target market of customers and clients using online PR techniques.