SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is an essential online marketing strategy for many businesses, because it adds long-term equity to your business. That’s because quality SEO work, once performed, whether on-page (editing content on your site) or off-page (writing articles and blogs on other sites about your site), doesn’t go away when the campaign stops. The SEO work we do adds to content to your site and to other websites permanently. Directory listings in online directories stick around long after the end of the campaign.

This is analogous to investing for the long term in your traffic sources instead of renting them (as with PPC). While PPC is a valuable marketing tool that can return outstanding results (we offer PPC services as well), PPC offers better short term performance, while SEO offers better long term performance.

Optimizing for the search engines is hard work, and is very competitive for some keywords, precisely because it’s so effective. We systematically break down our SEO projects with expert SEO keyword research, which is the work-horse of any compaign. Blindly throwing money at keywords is not a good strategy. Instead, we do an analysis of keywords you provide as well as keywords your competitors are optimizing for, and provide statistics to help make decisions about keyword targeting priorities.

We have many different SEO plans ranging from 4 targeted keywords to 22 or more target keywords. Monthly deliverables range from one monthly article up to 24 or more, with blog posts, RSS feeds, content submissions, blog comments, and social bookmarking included.

Google Friendly SEO Services

It’s important when choosing an SEO company to use companies that provide Panda/Penguin friendly SEO services. Most cheap SEO companies do not, because quality is an important factor in Google’s Panda/Penguin algorithms. In fact, these search updates are referred to as “quality filters” because they are Google’s attempt to make sure its index is not being filled with spam and low-quality content.

We provide only quality content here, no computer-generated spam. As a result, our prices may be a little higher than some of our competitors who outsource to non-native-English-speaking, offshore SEO outsourcing companies, but the payoff is that our work won’t harm your rankings. You’ll see consistent progress on your SEO goals, even for high-competition keywords, and be able to monitor the work we do each month.