Travel Agency SEO

Travel agency SEO is a competitive undertaking because there are so many keywords a travel agency needs to rank for. As a result, it takes an extra dose of strategy and experienced SEO smarts to design an effective travel agency SEO campaign. Our strategies rely on proven travel-related keyword research, with an emphasis on keywords that will make you money fasted.

We develop a short-, mid- and long-term SEO plan for your travel business so that you are constantly making progress on keywords that make a real difference in your business now and for the future. When doing SEO for travel agencies as well as other business types, we’ve found that it’s important for our clients to make money from our monthly work, while pushing consistently toward the most competitive travel keyword rankings that can take longer to achieve.

As a result, our SEO starts with in-depth keyword research specific to your market, your clients, and your travel agency’s growth plans. We have access to all the necessary databases of city, state, county, and country names to develop content to drive backlinks, traffic, and ultimately, customers to your site.

While travel agency SEO can be more pricey than some other less competitive businesses, the payoff is huge. When you have achieved top rankings for highly desirable destinations and keyword phrases that bring a consistent flow of customers to your travel business, you can “rinse and repeat” for more keywords and destinations to keep growing your travel related sales and reservations.

Travel Agency Lead Nurture

Too often, travel agencies focus only on sales and reservations, without enough attention to lead nurture. It’s important to take a holistic approach to your travel agency marketing plan by putting into place lead nurture campaigns that will convert visitors into sales that you may have otherwise lost.

When someone clicks through to your website, ideally, they’ll find information related to what they are searching for at the time and make a reservation, or otherwise contact you to ¬†initiate a sale. But what the savvy travel agency understands is that people rarely purchase from the first place they contact on the web. There is a “dance” prospects go through before making a decision to use a particular company for any service, and it’s to your advantage to “join the dance” by giving them information they want in return for their contact information. It can be a free travel report on the destination they are interested in, a discount coupon, or other offer. But the point is that now you have their contact information and can get an autoresponder campaign started to nurture that relationship over time.

We can help you with your lead nurture campaign, whether it’s setting up the autoresponder technology, creating an attractive email template, or writing custom copy to convert leads to your business.