Search Engine Public Relations

charlotte-observer-articleSearch Engine Public Relations (Search Engine P.R.) is a term often used interchangeably with Online Public Relations. It’s similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but generally used more specifically to refer to Online Reputation Management as seen through the algorithms of the search engines.

To simplify, let’s compare the role of traditional public relations to that of search engine public relations. Whereas a traditional PR agency might write press releases for mass media consumption and dissemination (newspapers, magazines, business journals, trade journals, television news programs, radio talk shows, etc.), an SEO agency would target online news distribution sites like Yahoo! News, Google News,, etc., so that the press release and subsequent news articles and blog posts would show up in search results.

There is no doubt a lot of crossover between the two disciplines, but the purposes and methodology have a lot of differences, as well. For one, in a search engine public relations campaign, attention to keyword optimization of the press release is critical. Since the press release may or may not get picked up in a spoken-word medium like TV or radio, it will definitely get picked up by online news sources. The traffic to those online news sources are driven by keyword search traffic.

As a result, a company might want to hire an SEO company┬áto create a search engine public relations campaign to overcome some previous bad press, get the word out about a new product or service offering, or associate itself with a frequently-searched news event (a creative strategy we are experts, at sometimes called “newsjacking”).

In short, if your company could benefit from a steady stream of online public relations outreach in the form of press releases, blogs, and more, we can do that for you. Let us design a search engine P.R. campaign for you that will get your business noticed online. Just fill out the form to the right!